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LanSpeed Mini can look after your R53 Mini Cooper S/JCW/GP, R56S N14 or other Mini from classic to current plus other sports cars, providing mechanical services & performance enhancements for engine, drivetrain, suspension and brakes for road or track cars and more.

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Exclusive Workshops/LanSpeed Mini are official suppliers and installers of Newman Cams.

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YCW Suspension is a very high quality mid range coilover suspension system built to order in the UK. It is specified for your actual model, installed with Swift Springs as standard, with custom spring rates from 3kg/mm to 34kg/mm that the dampers are built to suit, valving adjusted to dyno data for accurate performance and superior handling. Components are sourced from around the world to form a unique combination of parts assembled to provide a far higher quality suspension system than is generally found anywhere near the price bracket. Engineered specifically to be the only suspension you'll ever need for your car, it can be serviced or upgraded in the UK or customised to suit changes you make to rates etc. YCW Suspension is installed on some of our Mini's for sale or courtesy/demo cars so you can gain some idea of what they can offer. 

YCW Suspension is not like others offering alternative spring rates for dampers already assembled that might also use a generic valve profile applied to several vehicle marques, but is valved specifically for any installed spring hence built to order, plus the valve profile if the kit is going on a Mini model, is for that Mini model, this means the adjustability of the damper is superior, as in it actually works, providing you with better control, and these coilovers can be altered to suit other changes you've already made to the vehicle, such as for anti roll bars or different wheel offsets than can affect spring rates and motion ratios which change the way suspension reacts.

This really is as close to a bespoke suspension option you'll find anywhere but for a price close to typical Asian off the shelf kit that might perform better than a stock option although not usually as well as it could. 


The EW02 performance camshaft is a fast road option that definitely brings a performance edge to the Mini engine. 

It will run very well in an otherwise stock motor or one modified with a conservatively ported cylinder head and revised internals, custom tuning, performance pulley, higher rpm, and varying applications including track. 

It's a well mannered cam, resulting in some degree of hunting at idle in a rhythmic fashion, it can run just under 1,000rpm idle unlike some, and can pull from 2krpm if not a little less. 

The EW02 has been successfully tuned to 250whp in the feature car, it's able to run 230whp for cars at stock valve gear rpm capability (ported heads on standard valves and springs etc). This cam can achieve over 215whp on a stock head with a 17% pulley if custom mapped, it will want 550cc injectors. 

Exclusive Workshops/LanSpeed Mini only recommends 1320 for custom R53 remapping, for optimal safe results.

Some cams start to drop away by 7k, where this one with the right supporting modifications can climb some way beyond, even pulling past 8k in the right environment, of course all cars are different we know.


Final drive reductions change the response of your Mini 'everywhere'. 

The standard R53 Cooper S gearing in the facelift car for example is geared for some 165mph @ 7krpm, a speed the car cannot pull even when modified, and if it could, it takes too long to get there on a car with the aero of a bungalow.

The R53 can however achieve a relatively respectable 145mph in a sensible distance, so this is where we focus our attention.

The FD conversion changes the mph/rpm speed from the standard 23.5~ to 20~ meaning the top speed at 7krpm would be 140 instead of 165, only a few more rpm for the speed when cruising, but increased leverage for the drivetrain 'everywhere', significantly changing the way the car responds especially for performance converted cars making more power in different areas of the rpm scale. 

Most cars performance wains near the top end, and cars with performance camshafts for instance might 'wake up' more in the same area, add this to an FD equipped car and the performance can be rather different....

These are available in semi helical or helical (touring car type sound vs stock),

Other conversions will soon be available, to suit the pre facelift R53, and the N14 R56S

For the FL R53 there is also a full gear conversion with straight cut gearing and dog engagement plus other options.


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