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LanSpeed are here to supply specific performance parts from YCW Suspension, Swift Springs Europe, YCW Engineering, MFactory Competition Products, Newman Cams, Kent Cams, Maniflow Exhausts, Infinitude Autosports, Synchrotech Transmissions Inc. Plus Carbotech brake pads, or Exclusive Workshops/LanSpeed Mini custom R53 and R56S N14 transmission final drives or gear sets, and camshafts for these cars which are a personal favourite having owned Minis for over 25 years.

LanSpeed Mini/Exclusive Workshops will also look after your R53 Mini Cooper S/JCW/GP or R56S and other Minis from classic to current, providing mechanical services & performance enhancements 'from home' for engine, drivetrain, suspension and brakes for road, fast road or track cars.

Exclusive Workshops

"Driving the experience"

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