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Performance Camshafts

R50/R52/R53 Camshaft Installation

Whether you're after a mild increase in mid range performance for your daily driver or some significant HP for fast road and track use I will have a cam option to suit your car.

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YCW Coilover Suspension

Let Us Do the Work For You

We’re a business that specialises in providing high quality performance parts or OEM replacements for those who love to work on their own vehicles as well as those who just need to get their car repaired by someone that knows the cars. Few suppliers can offer performance tuning advice or are willing to, Exclusive Workshops/LanSpeed Mini are very familiar with the R53 and it's fast road and track capability so are well placed to guide you toward a performance edge if it's required. 

YCW Suspension are our chosen suspension partner due to it's unique merits, whether you just want your new kit supplied or prefer to have it installed here and aligned to our or your setting preference it's straightforward, and will make one of the best improvements to your car. 

Alternatively you might be looking to have your kit serviced or altered, it's all possible through LanSpeed. We can also have certain other brand kit re-valved or upgraded to Swift Springs or adapted for custom spring rates using new valve profiles to match the selected rates or spring length. You can send or bring in your dampers for this service, or leave the car for us to do.



A Wirral Mini R50/R53/R55/56/58 Tritec/N14/N47 'Mechanical' performance specialist 'from home'

LanSpeed/Exclusive Workshops is about enthusiasm for the mechanical performance of Mini, so whether routine condition maintenance, or custom gearing and performance camshafts or coilover suspension with big brakes, I can probably help. 

If you have mechanical engine issues, maybe head gasket, or burnt valve, possibly a melted piston or just worn bearings I definitely can help repair it. N14 engine repair? Forged internals? No problem.

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